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Frequently Asked Questions
Cake Tastings

How much are cake tastings?  The fee for a cake tasting and consultation is $50. This covers the cost of the cakes and fillings we make fresh for you on the day of your tasting, and the work that goes into designing your cake & composing a comprehensive proposal.

How far in advance should I schedule a tasting?  We suggest scheduling a tasting at least 6-9 months in advance of your wedding reception. We recommend scheduling even earlier for popular weekends like Labor Day and New Year’s Eve. 

What days do you offer tastings?  Tastings are by appointment, Tuesday through Saturday.  Please keep in mind that weekend appointments are limited during the wedding season (May-October) because we are busy giving our full attention to wedding orders already placed.

How does the tasting work?  You will be able to taste a selection of our cake and filling flavors.  We will also spend time talking about the style of your wedding and your vision for the cake.  Please bring anything that might be helpful for design inspiration – your invitation, floral theme, bridesmaid dress colors, etc.  A proposal with your flavor selection and design specifications will be sent to you via email after your consultation.

The Cake

Can we have more than one flavor?  Yes! We do not charge extra for multiple flavors, so you may pick a few combinations of cake & filling, or you can keep it all one flavor. A few things to keep in mind is service of your cake. If you are setting out the cake for guests to help themselves, having multiple flavors can be a fun way to present dessert. If you are serving your cake as a course, keep in mind guests will not choose their flavor, the cake will be served as it is cut.

Do we need to have fondant?  It all depends on design. There are certain things that can be done only in fondant, and there are certain things that can only be done in buttercream. There are some designs that we can achieve in both formats. We use a very high quality and great tasting fondant that stays soft even after sitting out for a few hours at your reception. We do put a full layer of buttercream under our thinly rolled fondant, so you are not missing out on any of the delicious icing.

We want a naked or semi-naked cake, will you see the cake & filling?  We do not offer fully naked cakes as this compromises the structure and taste of the cake, but if you want a semi-naked cake we can accommodate  We will put a dam of buttercream around each layer of filling so you will not see it on the outside of the cake. You will see a hint of the cake, so this is a good thing to note while you are deciding on flavors.

What tier do we cut into during the cake cutting ceremony?  It is always recommended to cut into the bottom tier since it will be the easiest to access. Think about what flavor of cake you would like to cut into & eat during the ceremony.

Can we save our top tier?  We provide a fresh baked anniversary tier for every one of our couples!  We will send a reminder in the early months of the year following your wedding with an online form to fill out to request your anniversary cake pick up. This 4" tier is a very simply iced buttercream cake with your choice of flavors. If you prefer to save the actual top tier of your tiered cake, we will just need to factor in additional servings to your overall total to account for this. We will leave a box with the venue for taking the cake home. 

What size cake do we need?  The possibilities are endless.  We have many popular sizes of cakes on display in the shop that we can discuss during your consult. We do offer side cakes (plainly iced cakes that go directly to the kitchen for cutting/serving) in addition to our tiered cakes, this gives you the option to have all of your servings in the tiered cake, or to do a smaller tiered cake and supplement with side cakes. Side cakes are exactly the same build as our tiered cakes, with the same serving size.

We have 100 guests, do we really need 100 servings of cake?  It depends. If you are serving cake as part of a coursed dinner, you will need one slice per guest. If you are setting it out and having guests help themselves to cake, then we typically suggest servings for 70-80 percent of your guest count.

How big are the cake slices?  Wedding cakes are sliced banquet style – meaning the servings are different than you would provide when cutting a birthday cake at home.  We size our cakes to accommodate slices that are 1”W x 2”L x 4-5” H.  The height can vary depending on the design of your cake.

Can my cake be displayed outside?  Yes, your cake can be displayed outside but we don't recommend having the cake in direct sunlight or temperatures above 75 degrees.  We are not responsible for the condition of cake following set-up at an outdoor venue because outdoor conditions can be unpredictable (hot or cold temperatures, uneven ground, humidity, blowing wind, insects, etc.). We may recommend a faux display cake for outdoor receptions in the summer months. 

Can you accommodate food allergies?  We use peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, corn, eggs, and gluten in many of our recipes.  We cannot guarantee the elimination of cross-contamination because we use shared equipment in a single kitchen.


How far in advance should I order my cake?  We are a small studio and only take 1-2 clients on each weekend to make sure each cake has the time and attention needed.  Therefore we recommend confirming your order at least 6-9 months in advance.  Some weekends are more popular and fill up early.  

Pricing & Payment

What is the price of your cakes?  Our cakes start at $10 per serving.  Our minimum order size is $2,500 (before tax & delivery) for events within the Chicagoland area.  Events outside the Chicagoland area have an order minimum of $5,000.  Events that include multi-day travel may have higher order minimums. Our average client spends about $15-30 per serving for their display cake, but note this can be higher or lower depending on your design.

Can you work within my budget?  Of course!  In fact, it's very helpful for us to know your budget in advance to ensure we keep our design recommendations within your budget.  We use a systematic and honest approach to pricing so you can be assured that we won't inflate the price of your design.

When is payment due?  An initial 50% deposit is required to secure your date.  The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your wedding.

Is the deposit refundable? Your deposit is non-refundable. 


Do you deliver?  Yes, and we strongly recommend this. Delivery fees start at $100 within a 5 mile radius of our Chicago location.  After our 5 mile radius we charge by the mile.  Some venues with extra load-in times may have increased fees.  One of our cake designers will accompany the cake to the venue to set it up and make sure it is in perfect condition before leaving the site. Set up can include arranging flowers & stacking/finishing larger cakes.

When will the cake be delivered?  We work directly with your caterer or event planner to determine the best time to deliver your wedding cake.  That’s one less detail you need to worry about as your big day approaches!

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