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Bria Helgerson with a display of custom wedding cakes all with hand-made sugar flowers

A Litte Bit About Flourish...

Located in West Town, Chicago, IL, Flourish Cake Design is dedicated to designing not only show-stopping couture cakes, but also providing your guests with the most delicious wedding cake they’ve ever experienced. Sourcing only the highest quality ingredients, we bake everything from scratch with tried-and-true recipes and unique flavors. This approach ensures the taste on the inside matches the beauty on the outside.


Bria Helgerson and Cindy Summers opened Flourish Cake Design in 2019 (great timing right?).  We quickly integrated into the Chicago wedding community, creating wonderful relationships with planners, floral designers, venues, and caterers. We are so grateful to be part of an industry and a city teaming with innovative talent. Opening an events-based small business shortly before the pandemic struck created many hurdles for our first year in business, but we continued to grow and evolve with these changing times in the wedding industry. We focus on a very limited number of projects each month, in order to give our full attention and energy to each and every client’s custom work of edible art. 

Now that you know a little more about the company, meet the artist.

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